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:: Welcome To Premier Gold Mine Co. Ltd. © copyright 2004 All right reserved. Enjoy Surfing Our Official Homepage. Thank You. By Management

:: Welcome To Premier Gold Mine Co. Ltd. © copyright 2004 All right reserved. Enjoy Surfing Our Official Homepage. Thank You. By Management

The Premier Goldmine Company, Inc. is committed to customized and personalized solutions to a wide array of unique and complex challenges in the ever- changing paradigm of club development and growth. With major emphasis on the ever important fundamentals of membership structure and club operations, our goals are to provide you with opportunities for longevity and success, that will ensure a culture of harmony, loyalty and satisfaction for your membership.


The Premier Goldmine Company, Inc. is located in California, and offers personalized consultant services to the private club, resort, hospitality, and golf and real estate development industries. Founded in 1989, the Premier Goldmine Company, Inc. has been engaged in both long and short-term consulting contracts with clubs, developments and management companies throughout the United States & other part of West Africa thus Goldcoast (Ghana), South Africa (Sun city). The company has worked with both new developments and existing clubs and all types of club structures. The Premier Goldmine Company, Inc. has extensive and very diverse experience in club membership, club operations and development with major emphasis on membership program design, communications, marketing and implementation. The Company prides itself on offering personal and custom-designed services and programs to ensure success and add value to your club and company's future.

The Premier  Goldmine Company, Inc. does not believe in a “cookie cutter” approach, but rather a fresh and creative approach to the many challenges in the club, golf and hospitality industries. The Goldmine Company, Inc. partners with clients in implementing special programs and improving existing programs, weaving all of the important components together, for maximum success results.


Mr Samuel Brooks is a seasoned veteran in the club and hospitality industry with over twenty years of service to the ever-changing paradigm of club development and success, in challenging multitasking development companies, and stand alone private and semi-private clubs. Having served in positions of senior level company officer, general manager, and consultant in successful traditional and entrepreneurial venues, He has unparalleled experience and problem solving skills in private club and residential golf community developments with primary emphasis on membership design, communications, marketing, and implementation. Mr. Samuel Brooks does the gold research and get is distribted to our customers who own this jewelery shops all over the world and with this he run the business and deals in the Gold research.

These earlier experiences combined with his professional career development make it possible to communicate and work with all types of personalities from front line employees to the President of the Board. Mr. Samuel Brooks believes in a hands-on approach and has a great appreciation for all of the players in a successful club operation. Other career experience includes political organizations, Chamber of Commerce and real estate. He has been active in many organizations and various charities. Mr. Samuel Brooks is a published author in national club periodicals and a featured speaker at national club conferences. He is business minded, possesses a lot of charisma, is level- headed and most importantly…He is real.